Forth to the North


If you are coming from the United States you will need to cross the border. There are 2 border crossings to choose from: Nelway is open from 8am to 8pm and the Patterson crossing is open 24 hours/day. You will need your passport. Immigration officers will inquire about your personal history, the purpose of your visit, and what you are bringing across the border. Among other things, alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs and large amounts of cash are all subject to import limitations — excess quantities may be taxed. You are not allowed to import fresh fruits and meats, firearms, or mace. They may search your vehicle, so please pack carefully. Border officials may deny you entry to Canada based on previous convictions. Baldface does not issue refunds or provide trip credits to registered guests who are unable gain entry to Canada.


Within Canada 1-800-461-9999
Outside Canada 1-204-983-3500


Location: Between Metaline Falls, WA and Salmo, BC.
Hours: US and Canadian customs open 8am – 8pm.


Location: Between Northport, WA and Rossland, BC.
Hours: Canadian and US customs open 24 hours a day


Canadian bank machines will accept most ATM cards and spit out colorful Canadian bills in return. If you are concerned, check with your bank about its exchange rates before leaving home.

Once you arrive at Baldface, there is no need for cash. All expenses at the lodge will be added to your account and charged to your credit card on file. If you decide to tip, many guests prefer to tip in cash – either Canadian or US currency is fine. You may also use your credit card to tip.

After your trip to Baldface, out-of-country visitors qualify for a refund on any GST (goods and sales tax) which they paid while in Canada.